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Extensive uses and benefits of
natural calcite

Natural calcite is a form of Calcium Carbonate and one of the most vital rock-forming minerals. Calcite mineral can be used in a broad range of applications. Natural Calcite Suppliers are known to supply a fine range of calcite rough and calcite crystals. Natural calcite is the principle constituent of marble and limestone and extensively used in various pharmaceutical, thermoplastic and construction applications. Calcite is widely found in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. A lot of advantageous factors like smooth surface finish, low oil absorption, purity, high impact resistance, longer shelf life and accurate composition make them highly in demand in Pharmaceuticals, Pigment, Construction material, Abrasive, Agricultural soil treatment and Construction aggregate.

Natural Calcite Applications:

Calcium carbonate or natural calcite is extensively used in industrial areas like plastics, glass, paper, coatings, environmental applications and waste water treatment. There is a large number of Natural Calcite Importers who rely on the multitude of characteristics of natural calcite that make it a great raw material for a wide range of uses.

Calcium carbonate is a natural product and for environmental protection applications it is absolutely perfect. The environmental applications include drinking water treatment, waste water treatment and flue gas desulphurisation. The natural buffer-effect of calcite mineral lets it work as a pollution filter. Calcium carbonate is hugely used in the glass industry.

Calcium carbonate accounts for 60% or more of the filler and reinforcements market and is considered an important mineral for compounding with polymer. The applications in plastics include plasticised and rigid PVC, polypropylene, polyethelene and unsaturated polyesters. Other major applications cover the areas of foamed latex carpet backings, clued rubber, adhesives and sealants.

Natural calcite is commonly used as filler and a coating pigment and in paper-making industry it is a widely used mineral. It is also greatly used in paints and coatings owing to its fineness and particle-size distribution. It has lots of other advantages; it enhances weather resistance, rheological and anti-corrosion properties and offers low electrolyte content, low abrasiveness and a pH stabilizing effect. Calcium carbonate is known to reduce drying time in water-based systems.

Calcite mineral is a preferred choice of many industrial manufacturers who produce caulks and sealants, ceramic products and asphalt.

Agronomy Applications of calcium is one of the oldest kinds and its uses ensures sufficient supply of calcium to plants and thereby stabilising pH value of the soil. Grinding natural calcite, calcite powder is formed which is considered an important fertiliser for agriculture and forestry. Calcium carbonate improves the accessibility of nitrogen, sulphur, molybdenum and phosphorous for plant usages.

Calcite crystals boost fertiliser nutrient efficiency and enhance the effectiveness of certain herbicides. It can be applied to lawn and garden soil in all seasons.

As a field marker natural calcite is better and safer. It offers a brighter and whiter, clearly marked highlighted field.

Agricultural Applications of natural calcite or Calcium carbonate is significant; it offers the highest levels of nutritional supplement and is essential for consistent growth and good health of animals. It is essential to have calcium in the diet of livestock to have continual and quality milk production. Calcium carbonate is included in the animal feed compounds as a calcium supplement.

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